OpenAI Faces Complaint to FTC That Calls for Suspension and Investigation of ChatGPT Tech

OpenAI Facing New FTC Complaint

Following its arrival in November of 2022, ChatGPT has become a point of interest for the tech sector. Showcasing the advanced capabilities of generative AI, the chatbot has set off a brand new market. Thus, inciting an AI arms race, as companies seek a larger piece of the pie.

Now, that chatbot may be forced to halt impending releases. Specifically, OpenAI is facing a compilation to the FTC that calls for the suspension and investigation of its ChatGPT tech. Indeed, CNBC reported that the non-profit CAIDP has accused the research firm of, “violating Section 5 of the FTC Act, which prohibits unfair and deceptive business practices, and the agency’s guidance for AI products.”

Conversely, the CAIDO president, Marc Rotenberg, recently signed an open letter released Wednesday. Furthermore, the letter contained a plea for OpenAI to enact a six-month halt on the training of “AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.”

CAIDP has called the newly released GPT-4 “biased, deceptive, and a risk to privacy and public safety.” Additionally, the organization claims the language model failed to meet the agency’s AI standards. Specifically, it failed to be “transparent, explainable, fair, and empirically sound while fostering accountability.”

Now, CNBC reported the non-profit is calling on the FTC to take action. Consequently asking the commission to “require OpenAI to establish a way to independently assess GPT products before they’re deployed in the future.” Additionally, it has called for a public incident reporting system and a rulemaking initiative for similar products.






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